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Arthur Daraujo is a Brazilian award winning art director, designer and illustrator living in Boston, MA. He is passionate about his sketchbooks, where he can put together drawing, storytelling, learning new cultures and bad jokes. Even with more than a decade of experience he still hate to write his bio.

If you like the work you saw here please, do get in touch and help Daraujo buy his own yacht.
Its believed that he is a nice guy and will write you back.


👍🏼 da Arte


Some awards (if you care about it):

Cannes Lions: 1 Grand Prix, 4 Golds (2 gold in illustration craft and 1 in tradicional illustration),
5 Silver (1 in craft illustration);
D&AD: 2 Graphite Pencils (1 pencil in Crafts for Advertising), 2 Wood Pencils, 2 in Book;
Clio: 5 Gold (2 gold in illustration technique), 3 Silver; 2 bronze (1 bronze in Clio Health);
One Show: 1 Silver; 1 bronze;
London Festival: 1 Silver, 1 bronze;
ADC Annual Awards: 2 bronze;
FIAP Awards: 1 Grand Prix, 5 Golds, 3 Silver, 2 bronze;
El Ojo de Iberoamerica: 1 Grand Prix, 2 Gold (1 gold in illustration), 2 Silver;
Andy Awards: 1 Gold (1 gold in illustration), 2 Silver;
Wave Festival: 2 Grand Prix, 7 Golds (2 gold in illustration), 1 Silver;
CCSP: 2 Gold, 1 Silver;
Epica Awards: 2 Gold, 2 Silver, 1 bronze;
Lürzer's International Archive magazine: 11 times